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The benefits of TechniStone® hard stone are countless. Its features are used in both interiors and exteriors.

The hardened stone is highly resistant to scratches, bacteria and stains, it is also suitable for contact with food and excellent for maintenance; therefore it is often used in the form of kitchen countertops.

TechniStone®, boasts even with the whitest kitchen top on the market.

​Composition of hydrophobic wood particle base board, E1 classified, coated with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) on the upper side and Kraft paperboard on the lower side.

Porcelain worktops high resistance and lack of pores make it ideal

for everyday places where hygiene is fundamental.

Thanks to its properties, Porcelain´s  high-tech properties make it a very hard material, suitable for use both indoors and out.

Porcelain´s colour and texture remain unchanged even when it is used outdoors, since it can withstand the

effects of ultraviolet rays without its surface appearance being altered in any way.

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